Parquet from the North

In the Lüneburg parquet factory we refine parquet for customers from all over Germany. The raw parquet is manufactured in Dömitz and in our factory just outside Hamburg we combine modern technology with handcrafted processes, thus creating parquet floors that are uncompromising and unmistakable.


Parquet Factory Dömitz

Our Dömitz parquet factory produces twin and solid wood parquet over 17,500 square meters of floor space. Thanks to modern systems and an experienced production team, individual customer requests can be realized and old floorboards can also be reprocessed. Quality and ecological sustainability are the focus of production.

Processing & Finishing

Each plank is placed by hand on the conveyor belt in our modern production facility. Various wire and nylon brushes are used for surface processing. Each parquet board is mechanically processed on the production line until the desired structure and feel is achieved. For the effect and color design, we use ecologically friendly quality products from Rubio Monocoat.

To ensure consistently high quality, each plank is checked at the end of the parquet finishing and only then goes into the drying process.

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"Quality the the product of attention to detail"

The two founders of the LPM, Dr. Jan-Philip Maaß-Emden & Kay-Christian Glander opened the Lüneburg parquet factory in order to meet the increased demand for high-quality and individual flooring. In addition to the many choices in the design of the parquet floors, they attach great importance to selected raw materials and resource-saving production.


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