3 Layer-


Three-layer parquet with a practical click system (either 5G-C or dropdown) for uncomplicated installation. Available in both classic and XL plank formats, in four different gradings. Our planks have a 4V micro bevel and are equally suitable for floating and glued installation methods.


3 Layer Parquet 2G

What does “2G” mean? The “2G Dropdown” system is an alternative installation option in which the planks are locked together. The tongue is pressed into the groove until the two boards are at the same height. Compared to the “5G Valinge” system, this system requires a little more effort, but is still relatively straightforward to install.

Connection: Click 2G DropDown
Strength: 14 / 15 mm
Chamfer: Micro Chamfer 4V
Grading: Elegant, Natural, Markant, Rustic

14/3 x 190 x 1900 mm, Top Layer: Oak 3 mm
15/4 x 260 x 2200 mm, Top Layer: Oak 4 mm

3 Layer Parquet 5G-C

What does “5G-C” mean? The “5G Valinge” laying system was developed by the Swedish company Valinge. It is a practical click system in which the planks are effortlessly locked together. This is done by snapping the tongue into the groove. This system is characterized by its ease of use and does not require additional tools during installation.

Connection: Valinge 5G-C Click Connection
Strength: 14 mm
Chamfer: 4 Sided Micro Chamfer
Grading: Elegant, Natural, Markant, Rustic

14/3 x 190 x 1800/2000/2190/
2200/2300/2390 mm
14/3 x 220 x 1800/2000/2190/
2200/2300/2390 mm
14/3 x 260 x 1800/2000/2190/
2200/2300/2390 mm

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3 Layer Parquet

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